Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Protection Bag

I found this cute little tutorial on Pinterset... It didn't have the witch's name who made it, but she is FANTASTIC!

This one is great for protection of yourself and/or your house. You see how she has hung it in the home, but you can also carry it with you if you like.

Though if you do, I would substitute a clove of garlic with some dried garlic, less smell.

If your looking for love use this instead:
Rose quartz
regular quartz
bay leaves.
It would also help if you put a drop of your own blood on one of the bay leaves.. and write LOVE on the leaf

There are so many ways to make these pouch's for protection, finding love, getting rid of an enemy etc. I would look up the meaning of Herbs and Stones and mix and match to you get what you want.

If it's to get rid of an enemy or just an annoying man... the pouch must be buried as close to their house as you can get, or even hidden down in their sofa cushions etc.

You can come up with some interesting hiding places if you think.  I know one woman who hid the pouch under the man's car seat, and he never found it!

Got the cool witch's name that made this it's:  http://witchywords.blogspot.com/
Go check her out!!!!!


Anna said...

Here is the address for the woman that came up with the protection bags.