Monday, May 12, 2014

Near death, Flu, doctors and YUCK!

Well, this has been a Interesting few months.... by that I mean the old curse..."my your life be interesting"...

I don't get sick often... but when I do.... Baby, watch out!!!

I managed to get a Urinary Track Infection (don't ask... but it had to do with a hot tub, and fun)... tried all my natural remedies and finally gave up and went to the doctors when nothing seemed to work.


So they put me on meds, and cultured the infection.  The first meds seemed to be working just fine... but then they called me and said, "we're changing you to this stuff, cause the culture says to"

Needless to say..... the first meds stopped working, and the second meds DID NOTHING AT ALL.

A week later I'm in the hospital emergency room because I'm peeing blood!  Wonderful

They did a Cat Scan, "to check for kidney stones" then put me on a med that actually worked... took forever, because it had gotten so bad.... but it worked

See, you have to watch out with me.  When I was 6 years old I got a bone infection... called Osteomyelitis..(pretty sure that's not spelled right)... it's a NASTY bone infection....

not only do people die from it, but in later years it can reemerge and kill you then too! 

They gave me a mix of antibiotics to try and kill it.  And it worked!  They operated to remove the infected bone and tissue, and kept me on meds in the hospital for a few months.  I was the only one of 10 patients with the same thing that survived.  Pretty good odds for the 1950's.   Oh, and I kept full range of motion in the infected elbow... something they were stunned at.

Unfortunately the meds had one side effect.... they fuck your kidneys up right and proper.... but in my opinion.... Low kidney function.... Alive.... you pick one!  I was happy to just be alive

My kidneys are low functioning, and full of cysts... but it's never been a problem (aside from an occasional kidney stone that I pass without help)  But it does freak the doctors out when they test me!!!  Love it!  Assholes.... cause I tell a new doctor about it right from the start, but they still freak.

Well to get back to it.  I started feeling much better... the infection was clearing up.... and


Holy Shit!!!  Nasty strain it was too. Pretty sure it was even worse from all that blood loss and Meds.

The worse was the coughing!!!  I managed to damage 3 ribs.  It's been over a month now and I've just started to be able to sneeze and yawn without curling up in agony!!! 

Yawning is still a bit of a problem... my body refuse's to do it, and I wind up with like a huge spasm in my diaphragm each time I try... but it's getting better.  3 times out of 6 times, I can yawn.  And yesterday I sneezed 3 times with out undo pain and agony.

So all I'm trying to do is get back to normal. 

Most of the exhaustion from the flu is gone... that took forever... and my energy is slowly returning.  Being able to do some sun bathing is helping A LOT! 

The more sun I absorb the better I'm feeling.

So sorry about the lack a daisy posting... but I'm getting back up to speed. 

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I actually enjoy tweeting, because no one on facebook knows I'm there... and I can post things that I don't want my regular friends to know about ........ yet.  LOL  Plus, I talk to interesting people, and TV and movie stars.
Give me time.... and I'll be up and running again. Promise!