Sunday, May 25, 2014


Now I have 2 pairs of earrings... with one earring missing!!!  Driving me crazy! Both were one of my favorite pairs.  A pretty purple crystal one, and my Doctor Who Tartis earring!

Just one of each missing.... lost somewhere in the house.... you know it has to be trolls! 

They like pretty things.... but only take ONE, just to piss you off!!!!

So this is my Troll Rhyme


The trolls are coming hear them squealing, running.
Always scheming, while we dream.
Searching out the pretty things!
shiny bobbles, glitter rings
Take them home and horde them now,
let the humans wonder how,
they lost that damn thing anyhow?
Watching Troll's giggling so gay
Play with it, put it back another day

Anyone know of any recipes for Roasted Trolls!!!!!!!!