Friday, September 16, 2005


Well fall is finely coming. Yummmy. I have to admit it's my favorite time of the year. Crisp cold mornings and nights, and semi-warm days. Leaves changing colors............. You can just feel the magic in the air!!! Hot cider, warm flannel, smell of burning leaves, pumpkins, scarecrow, hot apple pie. I can go to New Hope and walk around the stores in complete comfort. Spend the day at Englishtown, with a wad of cash in my pocket, buying Christmas presents.....Sigh.....LOVE THE FALL!!!

And of course, it's the best time for spell casting. Ever!!!!! While doing spells, atmosphere does count!

Put on soothing music, dress in your robe and attire. Carry you knife and incense and bell. Giving you the feeling of power, and you can create power.

That's why I leave fall for my most important spells. Health, wealth, love. As we all know, spells are tricky. You cast them and ........ Nothing. Seems to be that when you finely forget that you casted a spell, that's when it happens. LOL Everyone seems to think there is this time limit on them. And yes, sometimes you can see the results shortly afterward, but most of the time it takes a while to go to force. LOL in the meantime, you forget you cast it, and then all of a sudden it hits. I think it's just the Goddess's little joke. She's telling you.....Patience, and faith.

Have Patience that what you ask for she will answer
Have Faith that the Goddess will provide

when you learn that, you cast your spells, and wait. As is proper.

But I've gotten off the track. LOL Humans are attuned to their sense of smell, sight, touch, taste, hearing. You have to create an atmosphere where you feel powerful and strong.

If it's darkness, blood, and creapycrawler...That's good
If it's pastels and flower and sweets....That's good
If it's skulls with candles, harmonic chants in the background, grave yard dirt....That's good too.

Fall always makes me feel strong, like I could fly in the wind with the falling leaves....So I'm going to make my alter room more in the fall way. How you ask, fall leaves, music that makes you feel like fall, a sound machine to give you the sound of the howling wind, pumpkins, and more...... So that when I go into my room, no matter what the time of year, It's transformed into Fall. So that I can go in there and feel the sound of the wind, and the leaves blowing round and round. This will give me streanth to perform the most powerful spells I can do.

Sort of like a stage setting in a play. Find your setting, find the time of the year that you feel that the smell of the air can make you fly!!!!!!! And do your room like that. FEEL THE MAGIC FLOW!!


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