Sunday, September 18, 2005

It's getting scary!!

OK, so life is getting really spooky lately.

My son Matt decided to go back to school......5 yrs. After he dropped out of high school. Not only that, but he's enrolled in collage (did you know you didn't need a High School diploma if you enroll in collage after a certain age????)

I didn't know that...But you don't. Fancy that. So, He enrolled in collage, and it gets spookier..... And he got FULL financial Aid. Not loans, but all FREE, he NEVER has to pay it back!!!!!! He even wound up with about $800 extra, that they give him in cash for lunches, gas, and such. And that's just for this semester. It happens every semester!!!!!!

Ok, I'm still in shock about the school thing. Matt is close to being a genius, but he hated High School, and just said "Fuck it" and dropped out.

On top of that, he going for a major in Physics!!!!!!!

Now I have to drive him back and forth to school every day, including Saturday, since he doesn't drive. My luck the gas prices went up the wazzo, but hay, you got to expect something like that when it happens to me.

So he sat down and BUDGETED!!!! For those of you who have no clue, this is a boy who would spend all his money in about 20 seconds!! Even the few times he worked, his pay never lasted till the end of the week.

He budgeted money for my gas, his lunches, ect. I'm stunned

Now he goes to school Monday thru Saturday. On Sunday his only day off all week, HE WENT TO WORK!! Not only that, but since he gets paid after each job (and for those of you who know Matt..... No, he's not currently working as a hit man..... He's cleaning windows!)

He comes home from work, makes me take him to the Grocery store, and using a CALCULATER, he went shopping for food. And on top of that he actually bought food I can eat!!!! He picked the stuff out, and paid for it.

I hate to think this, but somebody should come and kick me or something, because I think its all a dream!!!!!