Saturday, September 17, 2005

Review of Threshold

I probaly spelled the name of the new TV show wrong, but that's ok, since it seems the WHOLE PROGRAM WAS WRONG......VERY WRONG.

Ok, here's the thing, you got a Navy vessel that is not reponding to communication, right by a probable landing of an alien aircraft.......... Got that?.......Ok, fly by shows people DEAD on the deck of the ship...........Got that?................So they send in a special team to investigate, and they board the ship IN STREET CLOTHING!!!!!!!! No Isolation suits!!!!!!! Some of them didn't even wear rubber gloves when examining the body's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then they find more body's, some of them distorted beyond the ability of a human body, and they bag them in regular body bags, take them off the ship to a research facility.

OK, body bags don't contain contamination, that would have been a no no. The people carrying the bags were not in isolation gear, and after they took the body's back to the lab.................... THEN THINGS GOT MORE FUCKED UP!!! Who the fuck does an autopsy of a body in STREET CLOTHING!!!!! JUST WITH RUBBER GLOVES ON!!!!!!! And then allows someone to WALK IN during the autopsy and just STAND THERE TALKING!!!

And to beat it all, afterwards, in the evening, the whole team GOES HOME TO THEIR OWN HOMES!!!!!!!!!

YEH RIGHT!!!! I'm going to autopsy a body that may have died from some kind of alien contact, WITHOUT ISOLATION GEAR, and then go home that evening, stopping at a WAWA on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There has to be a limit to what even an ordinary person could believe, and as for me, a person who has been in situations like that while working for the military.....Well, it's just FUCKING WRONG!

Even Joe Blow who a normal man in every sense knows better. What is this! Is this how they are trying to portray a new gentler Army. A Army of idiots who do not have a clue what contamination control is????

I'm going to watch the show just to see the blatant mistakes they are making. But, people let me tell you............

1. They wouldn't have boarded the navel vessel with out connamination procedures
2. If the helicopter flew to close to the vessel, they would not have been allowed to return to base.
3. During a lock down due to contamination........You don't fucking go home in the evening!!!
4. You don't do an autopsy of a suspected alian infection in STREET CLOTHING!
5. If memebers of your team seem to have been infected or exposed....they don't go home in the evening, they would be lucky if they weren't placed in a dozen bottles on a shelf!!!!

On the up side, Data, doing a show again....great
A midget being part of the team.....political correctness at it's best
A women heading the team.....totaly right

There was nothing else in the show that was right!!!!!!!!! What is this the 50's?????????