Saturday, November 12, 2005

Fall Herbs

Now is a good time to clean up and dry and preserve those herbs you've been growing all summer.

Chop all your chives into small pieces and you can freeze them in a baggy. When you have need for them, just reach in and use them! Chives can be dried also, but they are much better just sitting fresh in the freezer

Parsley, you should cut it, put it in a bunch, then tie a string around the stems and hang them upside down to dry,(in front of a sunny window is best) but you can also put them in a dry cool corner of the house to dry out, it's slower, but works just as well. Then put in a jar, and use it all year round.
Most herbs (such as peppermint, lavender, and other wood stem herbs) can be dried this way, make sure you hang them stem side up, so they dry properly. When dried, just crumble and place in a jar.

I like to dry lavender that way, then just put the dried bunch into my linen closet or my drawers, to leave a wonderful scent all winter and into the next summer.

Now, if you have pets, and like to put Mum's out in the yard in the fall.....When it starts to freeze at night, or the Mum's just start dyeing, cut the flowers off and either spread them out on a baking sheet, and let them dry. Or you can place them on a baking sheet, in a 200 degree oven (WITH THE DOOR LEFT OPEN) and dry them that way. When dry store in a closed jar.

If you have a problem with flea's, just sprinkle the dried Mum's under the cushions of your furniture, and under the furniture, and sprinkle some on the rug, and vacuum it up..... Leaving them in your vacuum bag or canister.

Mums kill FLEA'S!!!! Sprinkled under the cushions and under the furniture itself, it will kill all flea's in your house, and keep it that way. You may have to add more dried Mums in the spring, this way you can be sure to get any hatching from eggs that may have survived the initial sprinkling.

Also you can sprinkle the dried Mum flowers around your planters or flower beds outdoors in the summer, it will keep most bugs away from your flowers and vegetables.