Friday, November 11, 2005

Stupid People

You know it amazes me how incredibly stupid some people can be. I don't mean IQ stupid, since most of the people I know are high on that scale, I mean normal stupid..... Like everyday life.

I have one friend that will fall for any phone scam she gets. Like she bought about $1,000 dollars worth of vitamin's, because they told her she won a hot tub. Well she got the "hot tub", it was a blow up one (yes like an inner tube) and the only way it was "Hot" was if you added the hot water yourself, of and of course no jets or anything. LOL then she allowed them to talk her into ordering MORE, with the promise of a big screen TV. Which turned out to be a LARGE magnifying glass that you held up to the TV. Or the time she ordered a security system for her home, but she didn't have the money to have the sensors put on the glass, just on the door itself, so she decided to leave the doors UNLOCKED!! This way a robber wouldn't be temped to "break the glass" which of course wouldn't set off the alarm. HOW CAN YOU LEAVE A DOOR UNLOCKED TO PREVENT A ROBBER FROM BREAKING THE GLASS ON THE DOOR????? Of course, both times I told her it was a scam and not to do it....But for some reason people don't PAY ATTENTION to me...... And then they get mad because I was right.

My hubby did that too. I would tell him something, he wouldn't take my advice, AND THEN WOULD be pissed off because I was right!!!! I have this intuition, esp, or just plain skill in seeing the outcome of things, and knowing what the right course should be...... Of course this only counts towards others, it doesn't work when I try it. LOL But, no one believes me, even though I've proved it time after time after time.

I give advice, like DON'T SPENT THAT MONEY, or DON'T GO ON THAT TRIP, or DON'T LEAVE YOUR JOB, or just things like DON'T BUY THAT HOUSE...... And I don't push it, but I let them know what's going to happen.... And they ignore me...... And then I'm NOT allowed to say I told you so, because they are pissed that I was right.

I love my friends, I try to tell them what going on so that I don't have to hear them harp for years about how they fucked up! But, I'm almost always right!!!!!! Even my hubby admitted that, but he still wouldn't do as I said!!!! Because he was pissed that I was always right....Does that make any sense at all?????

I bought 3 house's by myself. After my hubby died. I didn't do the normal things your supposed to do when buying a house, like, I didn't sell mine till I found a new one. I refused to put more then $500 dollars down to hold the house, and I always had a condition for sale, that If I didn't sell my house, I didn't have to go thru the sale of the new one.

Now, everyone tells me THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! Why???? I did it, why should it be impossible. Have a closing, on both house's the SAME DAY!!! No that's impossible!!! But I did it 3 TIMES!!!! Once, my lawyer paid the money for the new house himself, out of his own bank account, till the check came in a few days later, just so I could close on BOTH house's at the same time!!!!!! How do I do it??? I have no fucking idea. LOL I even managed to get a mortgage on my second house..... AND I DIDN'T HAVE A JOB!!!!! Now tell me how that works. I just say, this is what I'm gonna do, do what you have to to make it work, and they do it.

Even after all that, I tell a friend..... Don't spend the money till you know how much you have to pay out..... And she spends it anyway!!!!! Then I'll have to hear her rant and rave about how she SHOULDN'T have done that, how she shouldn't have trusted the women who told her she wouldn't need all that money.... And so on and so on and so on!!!!!! Well this is for all my friends....Since I know they don't read this, but It will make me feel MUCH BETTER!!!!



Emerld said...

Wild story! What does your ESP say about my getting this new job? My nerves are fraying waiting for this .