Saturday, November 26, 2005

First thing that happens!!!!!

The tree was up for about 5 seconds when Merlin claimed his spot under it!!!! GIGGLE

Every cat I've ever had always claims a spot under the Christmas tree. One of them, Babaloo, was always moving my mothers Manger set, which she had the nerve to set where he wanted to sit under the tree!!! They fought for YEARS! About it! And I do mean years since Babaloo lived over 15 years.

But it's OK, Merlin can have his spot, I love the nasty little critter. Giggle

I guess your wondering why Christmas decorations??? Well, I was brought up Catholic by my Mom, and Wiccian by my Dad..... And since YULE is on December 21, and Christmas is on the 25...... I celebrate both, with the decorations, and tree, and presents.

YULE is the celebration that the light is returning. The 21st is the longest night of the year. Yule is celebrated that the light returns in the morning..... There is always a chance it will not return. You lit the bonfire's, all the lights in the village, and celebrated till dawn..... Hence you see the crossing of the two celebrations. But no midnight mass for me <<>> But the presents and such are still a big part of the celebration.

So it looks like Christmas, smells like Christmas, and the wrapping paper crinkles like Christmas....But we call it YULE. Hay! Me pass up gifts???? Are you nuts?????