Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Frowning Now!!! :(

OK, now I'm totally pissed. Even though the house isn't repaired yet, and not even up for sale, I had decided that with some of the money I would go do what I always wanted to do.....Go to Europe.

As you remember from an earlier post

Well, I have been looking, and even stopped over to a travel agency to check it out.
And thanked her for the info, but before I left she said "Oh wait, here's the list of shots you need to go to those country's" FUCK FUCK FUCK

Let me tell you a little about immunization. They take a live virus and inject it into a sterile egg. Usually a hen's egg, where the virus grows and matures and then they take it out, dilute it, and there you go........... One immunization.


I knew I could never get a flu shot, or a tetnis shot or any of those things, but it just totally slipped my mind that there are other types of shots I would need to cross the sea..... And I can't take even one of them....That is without DYING!!!!

So that's one dream down the drain, guess I'll have to do some thinking and come up with something else. Hummmmm Mexico sounded nice, not Paris, but nice. FUCK