Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yule is comming up

And I'm ready. Got my tree up (thanks to miss Mary who gave it to me a few years ago!) I was afraid that it wouldn't light.

It's one of those pre-lighted ones, and I'm always afraid something will blow out, and I won't have a tree. But it set up perfectly and looks pretty.

I keep thinking something was missing from it. The ornaments are gem tone, and some shells and mermaids hanging on it.... but it just didn't seem finished..... and then it hit me.... TENSEL!

I forgot to put that on it, now it has gold tinsel all over it, and looks great.

My out door decorations are up too......... but I won't light them till December 1st. I only turned them on to check that they were still working. I have lighted candy cane's hanging from the arbor. Looks pretty cool.

Right now the only thing under the tree is the cat! He always takes over the tree once it's up. It becomes his little home. But he likes it best when it lighted! LOL He's a hoot!