Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fall stuff

Well, I did that last of the yard stuff this week. Emptied the hose, and stored it in the great box I bought, along with the cushions from the swing, and all kinds of pots and garden tools. Everything fit great!!! I did put the swing canape in the shed. Don't want to leave it out all winter, they get holes in them, so it's better that it's away in the shed.

My house is decorated for fall, and I went in the shed and brought the Christmas decorations up front, so on Thanksgiving weekend I can decorate the house.

I put the winter freeze guard on my outside spicket, and dug up the horseradish, and in that pot, I planted garlic. Garlic is always planted in the fall, for mid summer harvest.

I still have a few pots with mum's in them that I'll probably empty out this week, and put the pots away for spring...... but that's about it for now.

Everything is mulched, warm, and waiting for winter.

I gave up on the idea of painting!!!!

New people moved in next door, and they decided to paint........ well, lets just say the results were NOT good, and they even primed over the wall paper first..... so I'm not even going to attempt it. Must have been nuts in the first place to even think of it.

Though the ceilings will still get done...... but because of the trouble with the car....... new battery, and tires..... it will probably wait till spring to get done.

I'm not even thinking about Thanksgiving. I have no idea what I'm doing for it.

Seems kind of a lost cause if you can't eat Turkey :( It's just not the same. But I did buy a nice big ham just in case. Though I'm not a big fan of ham, maybe if it glaze it and put pineapple and Cherry's on it...... well, we'll see.