Friday, October 26, 2007

Past Lives

As some of you know, not all of you, but a select few.... know that I'm a wizz at past life fortelling. I just sit with a person, think about them, and I can come up with at least one past life, if not more that they have experianced. And it's cool in a way, because it do sometimes answer questions about how they are in the present, but other times not so cool, because it gives glimpses into their phycie that I really don't want to know about!!!

And for thoes who were on the know, you know I gave up using most of my phycic ability. In public, that is.

First of all it scared people! I never like scaring people, and secondy, my hubby asked me to stop. So I did. Sometimes I can't help it though, and even though I keep my mouth shut, most of my friends past lives are no mystery to me at all.

What is a mystery to me is MY past life. OK, I know I was a nun. I see mountain rainges, big ones, with lots of snow. A stone tower, with me in it, and my nun out fit is gray.... and I think pink (but that could be the refection of the sunset thru the castle windows, so figure gray and white. With a large head dress. No, not like the flying nun, but close.

But one is a mystery to me. I see a town, built on hills and winding roads, (small house's... some of stone others wood, dark house's no colors.... and a road that ends at the sea. I see a beach, not sand or stones, but tiny gravel like, and a huge stone wall that holds the land back from the beach. I'm on the beach, and I see a HUGE WAVE heading for me. I close my eyes and hold my breath, but I know that the wave is too big, and it will kill me.... but I'm not scared. OK. Where is it?????? Any one have any ideas???????