Saturday, October 13, 2007


OK, I did a few things this week. I gathered pine cone's for my ceremonies, made some mulled cider and fridged it. So I'm ready, the house is decorated, and I now feel fallie! Giggle

I also took the top off my swing, and the cushions and stored them for the winter. I took the plants that were off the ground, and put them on the ground.

Besides the fact, winters at the shore are very windy, so everything is more secure on the ground, and won't blow over.

See, it's better if they have full contact with the ground, keeps the roots warm. If you leave them up on a table or something, the cold can reach the roots and kill it.

Oh, and I got a room for Shore Leave. Yes, I know they said they were sold out, and they are.... but I have ways of handling that, and a few phone calls, and I got a room. GIGGLE. Even the Shore Leave discount, even though the reservations weren't for the con, since it's sold out.

Sometimes I'm just Damn good! Or pretty damn evil if you think about it.

Oh I got a DVR. That's like Teebow. Now I can record up to 2 shows at the same time while I'm up picking up Matt at school, and if I'm home, and watching one, I can record another to see it later on. Pretty cool!

But that's about it, still haven't bought the paint or painted. Just can't seem to get the energy up for that. I'll probably hold off till spring.