Sunday, October 07, 2007


I finally made it up to see "Chiller" the horror con.

Didn't go on Friday with Eileen, because Matt doesn't get home from school till after 5 on Fridays.

So I bit the bullet and got up early (very early, since she said there wouldn't be any parking spaces if I came too late) The ride up was weird. Total, non seeing, thick fog!!!!!! All the way up till about 3 miles from the hotel............. then it cleared!!!!!!!

This hotel is WORSE THEN THE SHORE LEAVE HOTEL!!!!! IT'S A FUCKING WARREN OF HALLS AND TURNS!!!! Her room was on the second floor, and from the elevator it took me over 10 minutes to walk to it!!!!!!! And the hotel decided to CLOSE THE RESTAURANT!!!! Biggest convention in the world, and the close the only place to eat!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

So food was being served OUTSIDE! No, not that I mind, but the yellow jackets this time of year are horrible, so you eat and try to doge the bugs, not my idea of a good time!

That's my opinion of the hotel.

Now the con............ well, it was pretty cool. But very, very, very, very CROWDED!!!! You could bearly move thru the halls by 11 am, and it got worse as the day went on!!!!!!

Eileen works for the con, so they had set up a break room for the staff with food, coffee and tea etc.

While I was sitting in there alone, in walked Val Kilmer!!!! Nice man, made coffee for him, and talked for a while. Pretty cool. Especially since my face recognition is not that good, and I had no idea who he was till he told me. GIGGLE Besides, I only watched one Bat Man, and I don't think it was the one he was in.

I walked the dealers room, bought some really cool T shirts. Both Black, but one has the wiccian calender on the front, and the other has a big pentagram, and the words "out of the broom closet" on it. FANTASTIC!

I got the guy who makes them to give me his web site......... it's

You can order T's from it, and it has bunches of other stuff too!!!!

Now, I was going to spend the night, but around 4 pm I had seen it all.............. the crowds were getting horrible, so I scooted! Nice for a day trip, but I'll never spend the weekend there.

I think I'm outgrowing the cons, or just getting plain board with them. Even Shore Leave, I don't think I'll bother going next year.

At least not a convention that I have to spend the weekend. I think day trips are all that they are worth now. So if It's close, I'll go, but far.... it's not worth it!