Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pondering tires

I don't understand something.

I went to get tires today. I, having no clue whatsoever about such things as tires......... and that's weird since I can gap and change spark plugs, air filters etc...... but tires .......... no clue.

Thought I need all new ones, but it turns out only the front two needed to be replaced. They were REALLY warn out, like wire mesh showing thru them. But the back tires, just fine.

So I got the front ones replaces. and as I was leaving, the guy said.........."you should get your tires rotated soon, so they wear out even"

OK, my thought, I never had my tires rotated, and the front ones wore down, so I bought 2 tires and replaced them.

If you rotate your tires, doesn't that mean that the next time I need tires, I would need 4 of them?????? Since rotating to the front wears them out??????

And if I DON'T rotate them, then I would only need another 2 front tires in the next 6 year, instead of 4.

Hummmm, well maybe I'm wrong, but rotating the tires seems just stupid to me. I'd rather replace 2 then 4............... then again, maybe I'm just a dumb girl, but logically it makes sense to me.