Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Suble winter changes

With winter coming, one of the baddest things is the lack of sunlight.

I hate the shorter days, and so I try to do everything I can to increase the sunlight in the house during the day.

In my mothers time, that was a no no. Too much sunlight faded the carpets and furniture, but now a days, who cares? furniture is so inexpensive that changing it every once in a while is fun, and easy.

Now my living room and dinning room curtins are usually swagged.

What that means is that I pin them, at the top, in the middle of the window, and the curtains swag over the window. This cuts down on light, and keeps the room dimmer in the summer.

A total country look. But now that winter is here, I unpinned them and pushed them to the side. So now they frame the window on either side, but leave the main window wide open for the sun to get in.

On top of that, I got rid of the dreaded venation blinds!!!

I hate those things!!!!! They get so dirty and yucky, and are a royal pain to try to clean! But shades weren't a good idea, since they block the top of the windows and kill the sunshine.

So at K-mart I found these really nice "bamboo" blinds. They cover the whole window, and give you lots of privacy from the outside, but are open enough to let all the sun in during the day. Now I found them at Wall-mart also, but they were a Blondie color, and 3 times as expensive!!!!!

K-Mart had then natural bamboo colored ones, and cheap, cheap, cheap!

And since I needed 7 of them, cost was a major concern. They fit out side the windows, and hoop on to the top molding with just a few nails. No hardware to install.

I couldn't find one big enough for my dinning room window, but I'll keep going back till they get it, but for now, all my kitchen windows, and the two living room windows have them. Soft filtered light, and from inside almost seem to disappear.

Winter lack of sunlight won't effect me this year!!!

I'd also like to remind all my witchy friends, that our major holiday is fast approaching! What are you planning to do for it??????

I'm doing my usual spells and incantations, I'll get them together and post them in the next few days, in case anyone wants to try them out!

I tried to organise a party for Halloween, as you all call it, but I just didn't seem to click. Everyone is too busy. A shame, because I had some major spell casting ready for it.

I think sometimes, people get so busy in their mundane lives, they forget that WE ARE NOT MUNDANE!!! And we should celebrate as a family, not by going to every other persons party's!!!! It's NOT about costumes and food!!!!

I for one, will do it the right way. maybe my other friends should re-think their priority's, and start being the witches they were meant to be!!!!!

Sometimes you just HAVE TO MAKE THE TIME! Or stop calling yourself a true witch, and go back to church!!!!!!!