Monday, January 07, 2008


WOW That feels better!!!

The clumps of tall stripped grass I have in the yard, it's called "Zebra" Grass.

Well, it has to be cut down low around mid winter. Why so late, mostly because the Plume's are so pretty in the winter. Tall and feathery, nice to look at and with the wind, it's like watching the ocean waves.

But, Mid winter it should be cut down, to encourage new growth this spring.

And since it's 65 degree's here!!! Warm and sunny!!!!! So I took that as encouragement to go out and cut the zebra grass, get a little sun, and some air!!!

Because you all know that winter is NOT OVER!!!

But, I feel better. May not last long since there are still 3 or more months of winter to come, but it relieved a lot of stress. Those tall grass stalks are HARD TO CUT! It's like cutting down a fucking tree!!!

But it sure helped with my cabin fever. I feel better now that I have touched a plant, and did some work.

Winters are hard for me, because I can't connect to the Earth. Something a witch like me needs to do often!!!