Monday, January 21, 2008

Hummmm getting summer ready?

I can't help it!!! I am SO DONE WITH WINTER!!!!

I'm realy hoping this summer that some of my friends will take the fact that my house is so close to the beach, and plan to come down for more then a weekend. Maybe for thier summer vacation.

This morning I was thinking that I had to start getting my stuff ready for summer.

I have to get out the crab nets, and check them out, make sure they are all ready. And the awning and cushions for my swing are still in the shed.

I'm trying to think of a way of adding some privacy to my patio, and I think I have an idea about that.

I'm thinking 3 large half barrel planters, behind the swing, spread apart, but in a row....... and add a large 8 foot piece of lattice work attached to the barrels. This way I can grow tomatoes and peas, and such in the barrels, and they should cover the whole trellis. I know the lattice is only 4 feet high, but it will be attached to the TOP of the barrels.... and that will add about 3 feet!

I can attach the lattice with steaks nailed right into the barrels.

Why? because I like to lay on my swing and tan, but I feel to exposed to the house next to me to do that. The trellis should help screen me, yet not be a fence, so they can't complain. What do you think?