Saturday, January 12, 2008

Merlin's buddy

Merlin has a good buddy. This is Dracoes.

I bought him about 20 years ago for my mom. And she kept him on her breezeway all those years. When she died I brought him home and placed him in a warm spot next to the TV.

Even though he's made of cement, and weighs like 30 pounds, Merlin thinks he's the BEST THING EVER! They sit together most of the day, Merlin rubbing up against Dracoes, and then sitting and communing with him for hours.

When Merlin is upset, or mad at us, off to Dracoes he goes. Sometimes I think they are plotting revenge against us.... GIGGLE... but most of the time I think they just sit, talk, and complain about how we treat them. GIGGLE