Saturday, January 01, 2011


Back at the beginning of December I mentioned this Seed I heard of....Quinoa.

I hadn't tried it yet, because to tell you the truth, this allergy thing has gotten me soooooooo increasingly depressed.... that even though I'm still following the "allergy reduction diet", I find myself unwilling to try new things to test..... basically because I seem to be allergic to EVERYTHING!

And I just don't want to test for new things because I'm sure I'll be allergic to them too!!!!!!!

But I had to try Quinoa. I'm allergic to rice, and the flour in noodles, so that left me with NOTHING!!! BAH!!!! So, I put off trying the Quinoa, even thought I bought it.

Finally, yesterday, I tried it! NO ALLERGY REACTION!!!! WHHHHHOOOOOO HHOOOOOOO!!!!!!

And it's actually GOOD! So easy to make, you rinse it off with water, and add 1 cup of the quinoa to 2 cups water.... just like making rice.... and bring it to a boil, and let it simmer till the water is gone.

I had it hot, with butter, sugar and a little milk. And speaking as an oatmeal lover (who can't eat oatmeal anymore) It was a fantastic substitute!!!! Nutty, hot and delicious!!!!

My inner body hummed with contentment after eating it. Maybe it was the fact that it has the same protein as meat, or maybe it was just having some kind of breakfast food.... I don't know, but it was good.... and, unlike a lot of substitutes that I've tried, it didn't take getting use to.... it was just GOOD!

I get so tired of telling people who ask about the stuff I substitute for real food, that it's "adequate", or "It'll do" this one doesn't need that, cause it actually very good!

I'm very excited about exploring the different ways of using it. I can use it like rice, or make salads with it, and it's good sweet, and savory.... just like rice, it has many use's, but it's not a grain, it's a nut!!!

I'm glad I took a chance with this, it's a tad expensive, but a cup of it cooks up into about 4 cups, and it stores in Tupperware without getting hard, so It works out in the end of being very good item for the value!!

Those of you with gluten problem, TRY IT!!! No gluten!!!!