Thursday, January 13, 2011


My computer died!!!! No reason at all, just refused to turn on one morning, and nothing my son could do would bring the poor baby back!!!!!!

So, he tinkered with some stuff in his closet... AND BUILT ME A NEW COMPUTER!!!!


It's better then the old one.... don't bother asking me rams and shit, cause I don't know... I'm just telling you what "HE" told me!

The unfortunately thing is that all my stuff.... AND I MEAN ALL MY STUFF... from the old computer was lost!!!!

Now that's not too bad, cause for the pics and stuff I had made disks.... but my FAVORITE PLACES???? GONE!!!!!

In other words, I couldn't even find my own freaking BLOG!!!!!!!

Let alone all the other sites I visit on a regular day!!!!!

So, yesterday and today I spent hunting, and googling, and guessing, and swearing, and gritting my teeth.... till I found almost everything.

How bad would it be if I couldn't even find my own blog???? GADS!!!!

But I managed, and then took all the links, and put them in a note pad, and printed them out.... JUST IN CASE THIS SHIT HAPPENS AGAIN!!!!

So... I'm fine.... new computer is fine.... my nerves are warn thin... and they boy managed to teach me a few new curse words that I had never heard before... while he was putting together a new computer.

And I'm TOTALLY thankful that he was home on winter break when it happened... cause that's the ONLY reason I'm back on line!!!!


Rue said...

Sorry to hear about the crash - but happy that you have a better system now! I don't know what I'd do if my "favorites" folder wasn't accessible. My whole life is there! I guess this is a good lesson - I should write these things down!

Linda in New Mexico said...

well, halledamnlujah for your son. When mind died I had to pay to have mine reconstructed....ouch. Yay for you, huzzah for the boy. And I'm glad that bit of panic has subsided in your life. The Olde Bagg, Linda

Diandra said...

Yay for your son! And boo for the old computer!

Mine breaks down every 2-3 months and refuses to start Windows, and the BF claims it's not because of crap technical stuff, but because of how I use my computer. *??!*

Mina said...

Oh, I hate that your computer crashed and you lost your favorites but how wonderful that your son was able to help you! Saved you a bundle.