Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well, who would have thunk it?

OK, I'm really impressed!!!! My local library is now having on line class's for collage credits.... for free!!!

And not only that..... but the list of totally normal class's goes on and on... and then this popped up!!!!!!

These are just a few of them, as you can see by the listings, each subject has additional class's added that I couldn't copy!!!!!!

Very weird to have what is normal to me.... be presented to the public as normal too!!!!!

1.Angel Healing
2.Angels 101: History, Religion, Spiritualism and You
3.Aromatherapy 101
4.Auras: Viewing, Identifying, and Understanding
5.Chakra Clearing
6.Chakra Meditation 101
7.Chakras 101
8.Cryptozoology 101
9.Dream Interpretation 101
10.Energy Healing
11.Feng Shui 101
12.Finding Your Animal Teachers
13.Flower Essences 101
14.Haunted Places 101
15.Homeopathy 101
16.Introduction to Dowsing - A Better Way of Life
17.Kinesics 101 - Learn to Read Body Language
18.Life Coaching 101
19.Lifetime Wellness 101
20.Magick Basics
21.And 18 More Courses...