Sunday, August 12, 2012

Funny experiment that turned out WOW!

This was total folly.  Some one sent me a free packet of carrot seeds!!!

As you know, I can't plant in the ground here, everything is in planters..... so, just for fun I dumped the seeds into a big purple planter that I had!!!

And they grew and grew and grew!!!!  I had fresh carrots all spring and summer. 

Finally I said, enough is enough, and today I dug up the rest....... cleaned them..... blanched them..... and now, after they cool, I'll freeze them!

All winter long I'll add them to soups, crock pot stews, and anything else I can think of!!!

And experiment that was just for fun, turned out FANTASTIC!  Next year I'm doing it again!!!!


Linda Wildenstein said...

What a lovely experiment and result. I have a heck of a time growing carrots, I'll try a container next year and maybe we'll enjoy a happy surprise as well. Oma Linda

Iesadora said...

Whoa, that's a TON of carrots! Fantastic!!

Leeanna Henderson said...

WOW!!! Great idea. I never though of growing mine from a container, or even blanching them for future meals. Thanks for the idea hon.