Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hell Summer

I'm sorry, I haven't posted much because New Jersey has been going through the "SUMMER FROM HELL"  We aren't used to high heat here, and we've had wave after wave after wave of heat.... and it's made living kinda unbearable!!!

I DO NOT LIKE keeping my windows closed!  I DO NOT LIKE keeping the aircondioner on 24 hours a day!!!!  But, that's what we've had to do.

I got the electric bill this month and I admit I SCREAMED, and almost passed out.... but what choice do I have in this weather.

I wanted to show you a few things..... I'm very proud of my garden for surviving this horrible weather!!!

This is a Pink Pompous Grass (I know, I spelled it wrong)  for about thirty years I've planted it every summer, in every house, in every state, in every location..... and they ALL died.  But, no one can say that I quit...... so I did it again last year... AND IT LIVED, AND IT GREW!!!!!  I'm soooooo happy with it!!!! It's not big now but they do grow HUGE!!  and have huge pink plumes in the fall.

This empty planter is all that is left of my last Gooseberry.... seems they do fine for a year or two, then they die!  Unlike my blueberry's that get bigger and better every year!  I had to dig up the last gooseberry and chuck it, now the planter is sitting.... waiting for me to hit Lowe's and find something pretty to go in it.

And these are the carrots.... a total experiment with a free pack of seeds, and they did FANTASTIC. I've been picking fresh carrots all summer!!!  I really didn't expect this result!!!!  Now, I'm going to dig up the last ones.... slice them thin and dehydrate them.  Storing them in jars for winter stews and soups!!!

Summer is almost over, and as it gets cooler I will post more.  Right now my son Matt is getting ready to leave for vacation in Israel, so I'm preoccupied with getting him ready... I'll blog soon.... PROMISE!