Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I learned

When I was 8 years old I was in the hospital for 2 months because I got an infection in my elbow bone.... called Otelomylinites (I'm sure it's spelled wrong)  It was a nasty thing back in the 50's.... matter of fact there was a girl in with me who had it in her thumb, and they couldn't stop it, and she died. 

I had it much worse in my elbow, the operated to clean it out, removing some bone, and then packed it.  I received so many shots of antibiotics that I remember climbing on the toilet so I could see my tush in the mirror at the hospital, because It was black and blue, and green and red from the shots.  (what can I say, I was a weird kid)

Though I survived, I was told that my arm would be forever bent at the elbow across my chest.  Then my dad stepped in.  He told me..... WORK IT!  when something hurts, work that joint, work that muscle, don't just sit and let it rest.

He saved my life.... not only was he the one that insisted I go to the Dr.s when the pain in the elbow got to bad (my mom insisted that I just had a "cold" in my bone!)  But he taught me to WORK IT!

Within days I had full movement and flex in that arm! The Dr.s kept coming in and asking me to "show them" that I had the full use and extension and flex of the arm.... I was like a side show. LOL

And I've done it ever since.   A year later during an exam, the doctor told my mom that I had the worse case of arthritis in my knee's ... that he's ever seen!

Now, I'm in my old age, and I've never taken a pain pill for my knees!!!! 

I've never gave them a moments rest.  If they hurt, I did knee bends just to aggravate it more.... the more I used/and abused, them the less the pain. 

And, except for a day or so here and there (mainly once a year or so) I have no pain in them at all..... even though my doctor now, insists that I must be taking massive pain killers to be able to work.... I keep telling him THEY DON'T HURT!  And he just can't believe it!

If my neck hurts.... I work it..... if my hands hurt... I work it.  Never let it rest, never hold it still.... I may put ice and heat on it, but I REFUSE to let it rest!!!

I will always be forever grateful for his words, because without them, I'm sure I would be medicated up the wahzooo, and probably in a wheelchair.

After having a bout of limes disease, I developed Fybromyalga.... bitching isn't it.... but I've never had to take a pain pill, because the more it hurt the more I moved around and ignored it.  Sometimes I get a flair up....especially after heavy lifting in my garden....but I still don't take pain pills, just move it, and use it, and it's gone!!!

But as it is, sure I'm getting old, and sometimes I wish I could just sit down and coddle myself.... but I don't.... and everything still works just fine, and will keep working! Because I follow Dad's advice and work the shit out of it.... the more it hurts the more I work it!    THANKS DAD!