Wednesday, December 26, 2007


No one asked me this year... "What do you want for Christmas?"

And I totally understand that, since I usually don't have a clue what I want.... or if I really want anything!

I had to be the most annoying kid!!!!! I never wrote a letter to Santa, I never told Santa specific types of gifts.... Like a Chatty Kathy doll. Nope, because I'm just not like that. Hummmm, maybe that's why Mom liked me the best.... I didn't have a demanding bone in my body.

I LOVE gifts! Anything, no matter how stupid or gaudy, I just love them! And yes, I do have a preference for GAUDY! Glitter, glitz, rhinestones, crystal... Love it. Just not in clothing.

One year I did tell some people I needed a housecoat, and I got THREE!!! GIGGLE!! But, I was happy with them. And used them all up!

This year I wanted 2 things.... a carpet cleaner, and a new housecoat (NOT blue.... why is it that ratty old housecoats that last forever are BLUE??)

But no one bothered to ask. so I'm pretty sure I'll have to go out and buy them. LOL

I tried hard with some of my friends, asking what they wanted or needed, but no one had a clue, so I winged it this year. I can only hope they all like what I got for them. Because of money, not terrably expencive this year, but nice. I hope. GIGGLE

All except for Matt Litchfield..... His gift will have to wait till summer, because it's a big one, and..... well, I'm NOT going to spoil the surprise! GIGGLE