Saturday, December 01, 2007

Day Off

I gave myself the day off today. No driving back and forth to the collage, so I veged.

I got up my usual early time, played with Neo Pets for a while, then still in my PJ's I watched Transformers. Pretty cool movie.

Then I got dressed, and went on the computer and payed my monthly bills.... takes about 10 minutes, and then sat in front of the TV and watched Transformers again.

Along with piddling around on the computer, and making some home made Split Pea Soup, I didn't do a hell of a lot.

Then I decided that I needed a hot bath, and a facial while in the bath.... and of course that meant getting back in my PJ's again. Giggle

I feel so decedent when I do nothing all day long!!!!! BUT I LOVE IT!!!!