Sunday, December 16, 2007

So Dissapointed in people

I'm so disappointed in people this year. Where are the Christmas cards?!?!?!?!?

Have people gotten so cheap that they can't spend the money to buy them. That can't be, because cards in packs are pretty cheap. My cards this year, with Tinkerbell on them, were only a Dollar!

Is it the stamps. Yes, they have gone up in price. I know that, you know that.... but isn't it worth it?

Maybe it's the computer? I send E-Mail cards for different things. Birthdays, and other holidays.... but I don't even get them!!!!

There is something magical about going to your mail box, and find a pretty card there! One you can display, and look at. SIGH

This year I have 3 of them! ONLY 3! And 2 are from the same person!!!!!!! Maybe more will come?????.... I've had one or two that managed to make it to me AFTER Christmas.

Tradition is a strong piece of our past. Decorating the tree, and house, making or buying cookies, and sending Christmas Cards. To drop one whole piece of the tradition is just plain wrong!

It's funny, but my Aunt actually mentioned to me that she MISSED getting my cards one year when I was too sick to send them. Maybe that's why she sent me 2 of them. GIGGLE. But I think it was more of forgetting in her old age.... but I was wonderful getting them!

Sometimes it's nice getting something besides bills and flyer's in the mail. It grounds you, reminds you of those you don't see that often, and damn it! They are just plain PRETTY!!!!!