Saturday, December 08, 2007

How having a DVR has changed me

I admit, I like to watch TV.

Evening programs that is..... in the morning I don't watch anything..... game shows are boring, talk shows? No way!!!! And don't even think soap opera's!!!! Not my thing at all!!!!!

I do like evening shows though, but I have a hard time.

Lots of shows air on the same day, same time..... like Bones and NCIS.

I LOVE both shows!!!! Before I had to choose witch one to watch. And click during commercials on the other show, hoping to catch a minute or two.

And don't even talk about Sci-fi Chanel!!!! Love some of the shows, and also lifetime and TNT. All those channels have some really good shows on also.... and of course, at the same time the good prime time shows are on.

Now, with the DVR, I go thru the daily programing.... decide on what I'm going to watch, and all the others I record!!!

This is great also when I have stuff to do on the computer..... Like tonight.... I just hit "record" on all my shows and went into my room to work on the computer.

In the mornings.... when I normally don't watch anything, I go to the DVR and hit play list, and play all the shows I recorded....... and of course, fast forwarding thu the commercials.

What fun!!!!

Now I'm even watching shows that I passed, because others were better and on the same time. I watched the Sci-Fi short mini-series "tin man" and didn't miss anything on the other channels. Plus I found out "women's murder club" is a pretty good show.

All thanks to getting the direct TV DVR!!!!!!!