Wednesday, March 25, 2009


One does not have to venture far into the world of magic and witchcraft to
find references to using salt for the purpose of purification. The use of
this basic mineral in practical, ritual and religious matters can be traced
all the way back into the fogs of pre-history. Salt has been almost
universally accepted and used for this purpose despite the cultural
differences or distance between ancient civilizations.

In an older world, with an entirely different view of science than the
modern all-material outlook of the Industrial Revolution, it was discovered
that salt was a perfect physical representation of the element of Earth. On
the purely mundane level of the physical level of reality, salt acts as a
preservative, creating an environment hostile to the growth of putrefying
forces. We know them as bacteria.

Salt's ability to absorb moisture and preserve foods led to the
understanding that it "purified" the substance it was placed in. In ritual
use it was discovered that salt also absorbed psychical energies and
retained them within its structure.

Despite the appearance of solidity the material world offers our limited
physical vision, the fog of atomic and sub-atomic particles that comprise
the universe are only differentiated by patterns of energy. It is only the
patterns of energy creating molecular bonding that distinguishes and
separates your fingers from the computer mouse in your hand.

The energies that form all the aspects of matter have a vibration frequency
they harmonize with. The only real "veil" between what we see as the
physical level and the astral or spiritual levels of reality is a matter of
frequency. As salt is an essential and not insubstantial part of our
physical bodies, we absorb a multitude of energetic vibrations in our daily
lives. In order to reorient and homogenize our energy for focused magic work
it is necessary to absorb and reorient our psychical vibrations. Salt was
found a long time ago to be the perfect medium for this.

This is why a bath in salted water before performing ritual magic is so
important. The water washes impurities from your physical body as the salt
absorbs the disharmonious energies from your astral body. This leaves you
totally cleansed and your psychic aura reoriented so you may begin your work
without frequency distortion.

It should be noted that while the industrially manufactured table salt can
be used, it only contains the two elements of sodium and chlorine. The best
form to use in magical and ritual work is sea salt. By using the elements of
Fire (heat) and Air (evaporation) to extract the Earth from Water, you have
a pure substance that also contains trace particles of all the substances of
the material world that have dissolved into the oceans.

In the same way, giving your magical working tools a salt-water bath will
absorb the random and sometimes negative energies they have collected
through previous uses. It is important to the magical worker that they
purify new tools when they are finished so as to begin their working life
removed of any negativity imbued as a byproduct of working the material they
were made with.

As a means of protection, a salt ring laid around you during ritual or
ceremonial working can prevent etheric energy entities from crossing into
your circle. The salt acts as a repellent to many pure energy beings as it
has the power to disrupt and absorb the energy bonds of their etheric form.
You can create barriers against etheric energy beings by placing lines of
salt across doorways and window frames to help secure your home from
malevolent forces. It should be cautioned that too lavish a use of salt can
have the same effect on benign and helpful etheric beings as well.

However, in order to clear yourself and an area of psychic energy remnants,
the use of salt is popularly one of the best methods. The old Roman
superstition of throwing salt over one's shoulder is a descendant of the
practice of casting salt over one's body to purify it of disharmonious
psychic energies. Even the Catholic Church understands the importance of
salt in purification of the aura and the psychic body. Blessing pure water
mixed with sea salt is how Holy Water is made.

While the individual ritual, belief system or magical path you are on may be
as unique as befits each individual, it is a universal truth that salt is an
essential ingredient in the consecration and purification of your holy self.


Steph said...

Okay! Okay! I give up! Sea Salt is the way to go. Now, could you tell me is that Course or Fine salt crystals?

Judith said...

Fine for most stuff, but you can use corse for tub baths