Friday, March 27, 2009


Spring is the season of new life, beginnings, and growth. The New Moon is a time of renewal and rebirth; it represents the Maiden goddess. This is an great time to start projects, till gardens, and begin things that will take a while to reach fruition.

Put your seeds, overnight, in a bowl of water left where moonlight can shine on it. Cultivate soil to 1/2-inch depth, sow seeds, and cover loosely. Pour the bowl of water over them. Then say:

Maiden of the silver Moon,
Show your flower face here soon.
Let them grow so swift and high,
Like a ladder to the sky.
Perfume from your palace fair
Hangs in sultry evening air.
When the owls begin to sing,
Bring white moths upon the wing.
Goddess, gloriously bright,
Bless me now by New Moon light.

Keep the soil moist until your flowers sprout.