Friday, March 20, 2009

Spell for Spring!!!!

Gather in the forest, around a blazing
fire. Chocolate brown robes to honor the yummy goddess.

Chocolate bunny in one hand, and a lavender peep in the other.

then recite the spell:

Little bunnies hopping round
as I smash them in the ground
spring is here I hear them say
but those bunnies are too gay
smash them down, and grind them up
bunny butter for my sup

Using two Graham crackers, that have the proper pentagram drawn on them with
icing... place the bunny and peep between them, heat on the fire, and eat with
much lip smacking and sighs of happiness's.

As you close the circle, bury the sticky napkins inside of it to insure plenty
of chocolate Bunny's for the next spring.

Goddess bless me


Steph said...

Happy Belated Ostara! I did my ritual and dyed my eggs!! I can't help but think positively about the warm months ahead!