Sunday, March 08, 2009

warmer weather is trouble!!!!

I went outside today because the weather is fine! And it got me into trouble!!! I had noticed that last year the cauldron seemed to be too dry. I kept watering, but the plants died out anyway..... so I decided to investigate! BAD MOVE!!!

I knew that it had been cracked before I got it, and Barb said Charlie (heR hubby) had fixed it..... WRONG!!!! It still had a big crack in it, and the water was running right out of it!!!

No problemo... giggle.... I had to take it down....BIG PROBLEM!... but I managed it, and then I emptied it, and now I'm gonna have to FIX IT!!!!

I know the stuff to fix it, having used the metal putty before, I know where to get it..... but the problem remains..... filled with dirt it will keep cracking because of the weight of it.

So I have few solutions.....

One: keep it on the ground instead of hanging.
Cool idea, but I love the look of it hanging!! But on the ground it will support it's weight much better, and stop the cracking

Two: Fill most of it up with empty plastic bottles and other light weight stuff, cover with a layer of plastic, and then some potting soil and plants... lighter weight, less cracking. (This one seems the best answer!)

Three: fill up with light weight plastic (like empty milk bottles and such), put in a small plastic tub, and turn the whole thing into a water feature!!!

I have plenty of time to think about it. First I gotta fix it, and then I'll work on what I'm going to do with it. But cracked or not... I LOVE MY CAULDRON!!!!!!