Saturday, March 07, 2009

Sigil Magick

Sigil Magick
by Dreoilin

Symbols are the language of the Unconscious Mind. Every good psychoanalyst
knows this. Every good Magickian knows it too. Abstract symbols manage to
circumvent the logical chatter of the Conscious mind and speak directly to
the Deep Mind. And that is why if one wishes to get a clear message to the
Unconscious quickly and with relative ease...then Sigils are the way to go.
Now there are literally dozens of traditional ways to practice Sigil Magick
and anyone with a minimum of imagination could easily come up with dozens
more. We will not even attempt to cover them all here. Rather we will give
an example of two fairly simple techniques which have been personally tested
and found to bring marvelous results.

The first thing one must have to practice Sigil magick is a desire. A need.
A sincere Want. Something very important (to yourself at any rate). We at
Ambrosia are not of the opinion that it is a naughty thing to use magick to
bring gain for oneself. Indeed, we can't for the life of us figure out what
else magick could possibly be for. If you fear that using Magick to *get
things* is going to earn you a karmic spanking, then by all means read no
further. For those of you who share our belief that the Universe is a place
of plenty with the capability (indeed the fervent desire) to bring you every
single thing you ever wanted...we continue.

As we said...First there must be a Desire. This desire must be very clear.
All magick, Sigil and otherwise, depends first and foremost on the Magickian
s ability to visualize EXACTLY what is wanted in the minutest of detail. If
you don't want whatever it is so bad that you can smell it and taste it and
feel it in your hands, then what would be the point of going to all the
trouble of creating a Sigil to obtain it? Magick is hard work, after all.
The next thing, is to be able to state the visualized desire clearly and
precisely in one (preferably short) sentence. This is generally referred to
as the Statement of Intent. Be very, very sure exactly what your intention
really is. Many would-be Magickians leave just enough loose ends dangling
about in their spells to hang themselves...DON'T YOU DO IT! Remember the
first Universal Law...KNOW KNOW KNOW. If you don't know, please don't do it.
If you don't know and you do it anyway...then don't say we didn't warn you.
You may construct the statement however you wish. We aren't big on those
sorts of details here. Use a different language (so long as you are sure of
what you're saying). But be very careful. Read your Statement over a few
times. Walk away from it and come back with a clear head. Words are tricky
critters. Many of them have two meanings and almost all are easily twisted.
One thing we will recommend at this point is using the preface 'My Will to-'
rather than another we have read which goes 'My intention to-'. We all know
what the road to Hell is paved with and besides, 'My Will to' falls rather
neatly in line with the Laws.

First you Know what it is you want.
Then you state your Will to obtain it.
Next you Dare to construct a Magick Sigil that will do just that.
And last (but by no means least!) you Keep Silent about what you've been up

Let us digress here just long enough to say that Keeping Silent means much
more than just not chattering to other people about your workings. It means
you do not allow your Conscious Mind to chatter away to Itself about them
either. You keep your Self silent and wait without worrying or monitoring or
measuring or counting, utterly confident that eventually, usually in the
most unexpected way, your Will shall be done.

Once you have constructed your Statement and are satisfied that it says
EXACTLY what you want (and in some cases when you want it by) then write it
out in full. We don't care how you write it. Use Greek letters, hieroglyphs
or Runes. Whatever is close to your heart. If it speaks to your Soul,
believe us, it will speak to your Deep Mind. However you choose to write it,
write it proudly. Write it confidently. Smile while you write it. After all,
in Occult belief you already have the desire simply by stating your desire
for it. Now all you have to do is refocus yourself on the experience of
Having it instead of Wanting it.

The next phase is the construction of the Sigil itself. There are any number
of ways to break the Statement down from here. One is to cross out each
letter after it has appeared more than once in the Statement like so:

My will to obtain the remains of the elephant man
Leaving these letters:
m y w i l t o b a n h e r s f p
And this sample sigil is the result:

But this often results in having a lot of letters to incorporate into a
Sigil. A simpler method is to cross out any letter at all that appears more
than once in the Statement. Like this:

My will to obtain the remains of the elephant man
Leaving these letters:
y w b r s f
And this sample sigil is the result:

However you choose to do it, the point is to make certain that the Sigil
once constructed bears absolutely no resemblance to the original Statement.
And that brings us to the artistic part. From here you must take the letters
you have left and use their shapes to create a symbol that will stand for
the desire. Do it any way you want. Use pens. Use pencils. Use parchment
paper and dragonsblood ink. Paint it. Cut it out of construction paper.
Design it on your computer. We're not picky. Neither is the Universe. It has
no preference for medium. It responds to energy. Your energy. The more of it
you put into your construction the more Power it will hold. As with
everything else in life, you will get out exactly what you put in, so put in
everything you've got. Just remember to border the Sigil to focus and
contain its energies.

Once you have your Sigil. Your work of art. The physical embodiment of that
which is your desire...Then you have to decide what to do with the thing.
And this is where our Sigil magick splits into two separate techniques
depending on the purpose for which your Sigil was constructed.

If your desire is for something which must be continually renewed...usually
nonmaterial things like self-confidence or prosperity...then take your Sigil
and hang it some place prominent where you will see it every single day. On
the fridge or off your computer monitor. Doesn't matter as long as you will
be sure to see it every single day.

In a very short while your Conscious
mind will cease to even notice the little charm. But your Unconscious will
and its Magick message will be continuously reinforced.
If your desire is for something that will arrive once in your lifetime or at
least one time at a time, like a new computer or a decent job, then you must
implant the Sigil into the Unconscious by whatever technique you prefer be
it meditation or orgasm or death postures (more on that later) and then you
ll have to destroy it. A real bummer after all that effort, we know,
particularly if it turned out really well, but necessary nonetheless.
Once you've destroyed it...(and we do mean completely destroyed it,
preferably by fire which leaves the least recognizable remains behind)..
then you have to forget all about the whole thing. Go do something mundane.
Watch TV, that'll numb your brain into silence for sure. Whatever you do,
don't think about it anymore. Be calm. Be confident. Be grateful. All good
things come to those who wait.