Sunday, April 05, 2009


Steph came over this weekend, and even though it was windy..... Steph, Matt, and I went off to enlishtown!!!!!

I got myself some scrumptious leopard print sheets!!!! Even though they laughed at me, I can't help it. I LOVE LEOPARD! GIGGLE

And I picked up 2 containers of the SUPER SOUR PICKLES. A large one for me, and a little less large one for Jamie... who's coming for Easter

Then Steph and I introduced our dolls to each other.... and had an enjoyable time posing them, and taking TONS of photo's to put on the dolls blogs!!!

We had a really nice time, and Steph will be over for Easter also!!! Oh, and she LOVES the super sour pickles.... we even had some for breakfast with out coffee! GIGGLE