Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring is here, and a girls fancy turns too.............

If you finished that with "LOVE".... not a freaking chance!!!! Don't want it, don't need it... got a vibrator, and an excellent boy toy to use. GIGGLE

But with me, that sentence finishes with...."SPRING CLEANING"!!!!!!!!

And ONE nice day is all I need too set those neurons firing in my brain, and start me to cleaning!!!!

Yesterday, I stopped it from happening, by sitting out in the sun, and getting my first sunburn of the season..... ahhhhhhhhhhh, warm, relaxing, and sunny.... recharged my solar battery's BIG TIME!

This morning I started out by painting my front door.... not the front door everyone uses... that's actually the back door, but the real front door.... painted it Fire Engine RED!!!!

I've lived for 7 years without a red front door (Burgundy doesn't count!) So, finally got the paint, and repainted it!!!!! The back door, that's actually used as a front door (confusing, isn't it?) will be the next to be painted the same color this week... after the coming rain.

A RED front door is lucky!!!!! And I need that luck coming in my front, and back door.

But I digress..... after finishing the painting, I started on my bedroom. Spring cleaning is a duty, and a blessing, so it's gotta be done right. That means that I had to MOVE the bed... and vacuum under it, then MOVE the dressers... and do the same. If your going to do it, do it RIGHT!!!

This time, I'm not going to overdo it. And as for today, the door and my bedroom is ENOUGH!!!! I'm going to pace myself this year, and not allow my mother to TAKE OVER MY BRAIN!!!!

But then again, the living room and dinning room were done after Easter, because of all the crumbs and stuff. So all I have left is my bathroom and the kitchen. GIGGLE Plus with the new furniture, I had to clean good after I removed the old stuff....

I can afford to take my time with those. GIGGLE

MY BEDROOM IS DUST BUNNY FREE!!!!! Even under the bed, and behind the dressers... so tonight I can rest easy! Giggle