Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gardening update, early spring

This is the main set up for my "multi garden" The long planters hold:

spinach up front, and in the back one holds string beans, the other cucumbers... hence the trellis work of string and sticks... and on either side are my tomatoes... One large and one cherry tomato

And as you can see the gooseberry's are in full leaf!!! Hopefully they will give a huge crop this year

Goddess bless those people, like my friend Barbara, who know that the best gift to give a gardener is PLANTS!!!!!
She got me this huge hydrangea, pink of course (my fav color!!!) Anytime I get a plant (not cut flowers, but growing plants!!) I'm a VERY, VERY, HAPPY GARDENER!!!!

And these are the mystery Iris's that popped up in the cauldron. I yanked them out and replanted them here, and they seem to be very happy!

And last but not least.... my newly panted RED door!!!! The relief I felt when the red went on was really weird!!! I didn't know how much I missed my red doors till I started painting, and then I felt this overwhelming relief, happiness, and love!!! Guess luck can find me now!!!!!