Sunday, April 26, 2009

I LOVE these things!

I have a white tile backsplash in my kitchen....... totally bland and boring!!!! And I needed to spice it up a bit, I thought of metal tiles, or just re-tileing them... but that's way too much work!!!

I hate to admit it, but I found this at the "dollar store", they are decals, re-usable, re-stick able, easy to remove, and re-use. Soooooo cooooool.

This fall I put up cute sage green squares, that had bunches of herbs on it, with the names... Like rosemary, sage, ect. But because summer is here... this morning I replaced them with fish's!!!!!

I usually put them every other tile, to give it that custom look, but I needed color!!!! so I put them on every tile. I think it looks cute!!!!!!