Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gardening is freaking hard work!!!

Let me tell you, yesterday was NOT my day to do garden stuff.

I went to the store to pick up some cow manure. Yes, I do know about the powder "miracle grow" shit, but I prefer real "SHIT" when I can get it!

Found a nice 40 pound bag of cow dung.... picked it up, to go pay for it, and it proceeded to spill cow dung down my blouse, into my bra!!!!!

YUUUUUUUCCCCCK!!!!! I managed to brush most of it off, but I still smelled like cow shit all day long!!!!!!!!

Then Barb came over, we were doing out summer book exchange.... mainly I buy books, and during the summer (the only time she reads) I give her all my books! GIGGLE
She brought me this huge PINK HYDRANGEA!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh SOOOOOOO PRETTY!!!!!

But then I wanted to go to BJ's, just down the road, and since I no longer have a membership, I welcomed a shopping trip there using her membership card...... But then, she saw this HUGE FLOWERING WEEPING CHERRY TREE!!!!! It was over 6 feet tall, and in a huge pot of dirt!!!! She just had to have it!!!

I don't blame her it was pretty, but then, because of her bad shoulder, I had to pick it up, stuff it in my car, then out again when we got home, then into her car!!!!! Ohhhhh my aching back and arms!!!!

So my whole day was the smell of cow shit, and sore arms. GIGGLE

Tired, yes, but I still worked in my garden, and THAT felt good!!!!!!