Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Candle magic for the New Year

I love to do candle spells to welcome the New Year. There is something about the smell of burning candles that seems to make the time magical and sweet.

Here is some hints for your spells:

(REMINDER: Always, always stay with your candle's while they are burning, never leave them burning without you in the room!!!! This is especially important if you insist on using oils to anoint your candles!!!!)


Light, like all things, vibrates.
Every color vibrates at a different speed.
The different vibrations of various colors can be used by our brains in the rituals we perform for healing, meditations, magic, or any thing we wish.
This is called practical magic because we are using an Element, this time Light. Each color represents a principle or value.

Red - Energy, Strength, Passion, Courage, Element of Fire, Career Goals, Fast Action, Lust, Blood of the Moon, Vibrancy, Driving Force, Love, Survival

Orange - Business Goals, Property Deals, Ambition, Career Goals, General Success, Justice, Legal Matters, Selling, Action

Copper - Passion, Money Goals, Professional Growth, Fertility in Business, Career Maneuvers

Gold - Wealth , The God, Promote Winning, Safety and Power of the Male, Happiness, Playful Humor

Yellow - The Sun, Intelligence, Accelerated Learning, Memory, Logical Imagination,
Breaking Mental Blocks, Selling Yourself

Pink - Romantic Love, Planetary Good Will, Healing of Emotions, Peace, Affection, Romance, Partnerships of Emotional Maturity, Caring, Nurturing

Green - Earth Mother, Physical Healing, Monetary Success, Abundance, Fertility, Tree and Plant Magic, Growth, Element of Earth, Personal Goals

Blue - Good Fortune, Opening Blocked communication, Wisdom, Protection, Spiritual Inspiration,Calm, Reassurance, Gently Moving, Element of Water, Creativity

Purple - Influencing People in High Places, Third Eye, Psychic Ability, Spiritual Power, Self Assurance,Hidden Knowledge

Silver - Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Psychometry, Intuition, Dreams, Astral Energies,Female Power, communication, The Goddess

Brown - Influence Friendships, Special Favors

Black - Protection Repelling Negativity, Binding, Shapeshifting

White - Spirituality, The Goddess, Peace, Higher Self, Purity, Virginity (which means that the woman's mind is her own, and not controlled by a man) white may also be substituted for any other color.


Candle magic is used with visualization and intent toward whichever goal or need you have.

Candles are an effective tool for concentration. Also, different colors or scents will provide varying energies to help you with your goal. Colors are powerful symbols.

Many different belief systems incorporate color into rituals, and candle magic is one way to do so...

red...symbolizing the element Fire and the direction of the South, red is used for strength, physical energy, courage, sex, and passion.

pink...a candle for love spells (remember that these should never be performed against another's will...)also friendship and compassion. Pink is for emotional needs.

yellow...symbolic of the element Air and the direction of the East, yellow provides energy for matters of intellect, divination, travel, and eloquence.

green...symbolizing the element Earth and the direction of the North, use green for prosperity,fertility, employment, growth and healing.

blue... symbolizing the element Water and the direction of the West, blue candles are used for healing, peace, happiness and psychic growth.

purple...use this color for matters of spirituality, power, meditation.
white...associated with the Moon, white is used for protection, purification, divination and is an all purpose candle.

black...use black for banishing negativity, or absorbing it when you feel the need for this.

Also, burn your candles on the days of the week that correspond with your wish.
This helps to bring planetary energies to your goal.

Sunday is ruled by the Sun and yellow candles are used on this day.

Monday is ruled by the Moon...use white candles

Tuesday is ruled by Mars...use red candles

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury...use purple candles

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter...use blue candles

Friday is ruled by Venus...use green candles

Saturday is ruled by Saturn...use black candles

If you wish to add more power to your candle magic, some people anoint the candles with an appropriate oil... but I find this a dangerous practice, it can cause fires, flair ups, and even release toxins into the air...

instead I just add pinches of the herbs on the top of the candle where they will burn and join with the melted wax! Fresh herbs are always much better then pre-made oils and such!

before burning them, always visualize your needs and focus your energy towards that end.

love...rose, apple blossom, gardenia, jasmine, ylang-ylang
sex...cinnamon, patchouli, lavender, clove, musk, vanilla, tuberose
luck...basil, bayberry, vervain
protection...bergamot, cinnamon, cinquefoil, sandalwood, basil, vervain, hyssop, bergamot
purification...frankincense, benzoin, sandalwood, myrrh
divination...nutmeg, lemon grass, acacia, lilac, lotus, narcissus
banishing...carnation, rue


Linda in New Mexico said...

Thank you so much for this posting. It is just what I needed as a resource for some protection work that needs to be done for our family. I will credit your wisdom in our ritual and I thank you for your guidance. Blessings, The Olde Bagg herself, Linda

Drali Afrohealer said...

colors of the candles are very important when casting a candle magic, thanks for the massage you have shared with us. Hope you know how to do even black magic love spells and love spell voodoo too