Monday, December 20, 2010

My son!

My son was IMing me yesterday, in a total snit!!!!

He was sure he was failing Arabic, or getting a D!!! And heaven forbid that it would cause him to lower his GPA!!!! OHHHHHH NOOOOOO!

He ranted on line for like a hour, and then he decided he was going to E-mail his teacher, ask her to fail him, and not show up for the finial

You see, a "F" is erased, if you take the course over again!!!! Really???

I know of not one employer that will ask you your GPA, but he's so competitive with himself that it was driving him (and me, since I had to respond to his frantic typing!!!!!) NUTS!!!!

And hour later his teacher responded that he was at a "B"!!!!!

No where near failing!!!!! And after the finial exam he's probably getting a freaking A!!!!

All this when he's away at school!!!! What happens when he comes home!!!!

Save me!!!!! Please, save me!!!!!


The Traveler said...

Look at it this least he cares about his GPA.

Mina said...

My daughter used to be really hard on herself as well. Her college years were a trial for both of us. I suggested yoga and a regular massage and it seemed to work...for me at least.

Diandra said...

Your son's learning Arabic? That's what I did at university (and Japanese, and sociology). So - why on earth did he choose it?

I'd recommend telling your son to "grow a pair", but that might be a bit harsh... *g*. At least he cares about his grades. (If he ever does not show up for the finals because he is afraid of not being good enough, you should whack him with something. Giving up is never an option.)

And for the holidays - maybe you should move and change your name???

Judith said...

Matt is getting his major in Arabic studies, language and religion. He's already got one in computer sciences