Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I love my DVR!!! No freaking commercials!!!

I'm having a lot of trouble with the commercials on TV this year! I sit there screaming at them when I have to watch them..... UGH!

Like Zales!!!! OMG get a freaking life!!!!! All those lovie dovie hubbys!!!!

Yeah, really? Not gonna happen, most hubbys hate to buy Christmas gifts... and when have you actually known one to get the "perfect" gift for his wife?

Case in point.... I had 4 waffle irons!!!! 4!!!!! And I DON'T, AND HAVE NEVER, MADE WAFFLES....EVER!!!!

And the "Chocolate Diamonds"???? Brown, they are BROWN! Diamonds shouldn't be BROWN!!!! Calling them chocolate is just a way to say, give someone the precious gift of UGLY BROWN DIAMONDS... cause we're stuck with a ton of them!!!!

And the Victoria Secret commercials!!!!! Do I HAVE to say anything about them!!! How many REAL woman out there want to line up and shoot all those women wearing those wings???? Raise your guns!!! GIGGLE

And all those extra money in your bank commercials... do you know how much cash advances for your paycheck cost? You wind up paying make more then you can afford for the ease of having you paycheck early! And now the Indian's are trying to suck you into it too!!! "Oh, I'm I need money fast this year, and my paychecks not here yet.... so I'm gonna borrow some from the Indians.... and pay it back at 250%!!! Really?

Lets just say I had tons of Christmas cheer, till I stopped going fast forward past the commercials and stopped to watch a few!!!!

I could go on and on, but I'm sure your sick of my ranting by now, so I'm going to READ A BOOK, till the holiday commercials are GONE!!!!


The Blue Faerie said...

THANK YOU! Those Victoria Secret models drive me nuts! Not only are they mostly boobs, but they perpetuate the idea that angels are malnourished and well... mostly booobs. And I hope my guardian angel doesn't look like that. It would disturb me.

Woot for books! (And not the Kindle either. If it doesn't smell like new or old book, If I can't use a real bookmark, If two people have to take turns reading because they can't access the same story at the same time, then it is so NOT a book.)

...Sorry, your ranting sounded so fun I thought I'd try it. And it is fun! :P

Leeanna said...

Let's get a firing squad ready for the VS models. My gun of choice would be the paintball gun at about ten feet from the VS girls. bruise the shit out of them and we wouldn't go to jail for any killings. I like that idea cause they wouldn't be on TV for at least a month or so. Then we could do it all over again just for grins.