Wednesday, December 08, 2010

weird Yule

Our Yule holidays have always been weird!

First, my son.... I usually buy him a video game he asked for.... and if he had to wait till Christmas to open it... he would go nuts.... so I always just give it to him the same day I buy it! He loves it, and never complains, it's just how he wants it.

So, since I gave him his gift at Thanksgiving, I made him give me mine!!! Hay, tit for tat I always say.... so I got this super cute zippo lighter, pink, with a pussy cat on it in disco colors... and the new "Betsy the Vampire Queen" book... that I'm been dying to read for months.

Then I won the contest on!!!!! A $75 dollar gift certificate at!!!!! WHOOOOOOOHEEEEEE!!!!

Everyone kept telling me, "you know there are more then books at Amazon" but did I care!!!! No, BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!!!! (I know I'm addicted, but I can't stop!!) So I got tons of books!!!!!

I consider that a FANTASTIC Yule gift!!!

Oh, then my Aunt Harriet, in Fla., sent me $50 bucks in a card!!! Ohhhhhh joy, joy, joy.

See, when my son went to school, I gave him my good blanket, cause the dorms were chilly.... So, I've been sleeping with one of those small lap blankets, and my housecoat over it.

I've been warm, but it's a pain to turn over in bed, cause I have to re-arrange the housecoat and lap blanket every time I turn over, and neither one actually covered my feet, so I had to wear socks (hate wearing socks!)

Now you understand, I have a light blanket and a comforter on the bed already, but I sleep with the window open at night, and it just wasn't cutting it, so I added the lap blanket and the housecoat.

But with her gift, I ran to wal-mart, and got myself a nice new blanket! And this one the boy is not touching!!!!

Then my girlfriend Brenda gave me a HUGE gift card for my NeoPets!!!!! She gave it early cause they do special Christmas things that you need to buy a card for, so she gave it to me so I can use it right away! (and I did!)

So, I have to say, so far, I've had a great Yule, weird, but GREAT!!!!!


Leeanna said...

ahahahahhaaa The Goddess has smiled upon you girl. Did you get my email?

Linda in New Mexico said...

Before the grands moved in, we too kinda did what you are doing. But now....well we have to be "adults", damn, and wait. I liked it the way it was before but there is alot to be said for controlled chaos with a 6 year old autistic grand and a very bossy but beautiful 10 year old. To say nothing of their very structured Momma. ouch. Your "haul" sounds fantatic. The Olde Bagg, Linda

The Frog Queen said...

Woohoo!! Good score. It is always a joy to see (read) someone so happy!!