Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little by little

Bit by bit, I'm getting my suitcase packed for Shore Leave.

While putting my costume's together, I'm taking the small things.... like gloves, jewelry... etc and putting them in my suitcase.

Better to be early.... then to forget shit!!!!

And I WILL FORGET SHIT! Believe me, I'm really good at that!!!

I'm also gathering all the little things... like my first aid kit, my sewing kit, my pills, my lotions and such, and putting them in the suitcase too!

I still have a list of things left to get, but it's a small list.



Shoes........ uhhhh, damn, forgot I need them. (in my excuse it's summer, and I never wear shoes in the summer!)

Nail stuff... still can't find white nail polish

Hair stuff.... I HAVE HAIR? why didn't someone mention this to me!!!! Damn girls! what good are you???

Jewelry...... CHECK

First aid kit..CHECK (most of the shit isn't for me, people are always asking me if I have a band aid or aspirin...sigh... why? I must look like a Mom!

Sewing kit....CHECK (not going to have the bra incident of 2002 happen again!)

Bathing suit...CHECK (with an extra shudder of fear that summer means bathing suits!)
I'd better take two of them, hate to get into a wet suit the next day!



The Traveler said...

I can almost always be relied upon to forget the same 2 items- My pj's or my swimsuit. I'll remember everything else, but we'll get where we're going and someone will ask me if I remembered them and all I'll be able to answer is 'dammit!' lol.

Judith said...

DAMN!!!! P.J'S!!!! Didn't even think of them!!!!

Leeanna said...

Do you have a Dollar Store in NJ? They usually have the outlandish colors nobody wants.You might find some other things there too.

Diandra said...

Do you take something to write? Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but I always pack something, and we usually end up using it. ^^

Suzie said...

Your personal journal? A camera? Something to read? Sketch pad & pencil/markers/pens/brushes? Needlework or other relaxing craftwork?

Judith said...

relaxing craftwork? at a star trek convention???? honey, my ass is going to be too drunk to do anything but remember how to walk and were my room is!!!! giggle