Friday, June 24, 2011

Your a pain, you know who you are! but here you go!

1. What are you thinking right now?
Thinking about what store to head too, think K-mart won

2. What about now?
same thing

3. For a million bucks would you call 911 and tell them you were being abducted by aliens?
In a heart beat!!

4. Do you still sing to old songs when you're in the shower or in the car alone?
All the time

5. What would you do with a brick?
control myself, take a deep breath, then go build a patio

6. Which is worse: being hot or cold while trying to sleep?
Hot! can't stand being hot at night!

7. What kind of fruit would you be?
an orange

8. What kind or animal would you be?
a horse

9. If you wake up the next morning and found out you were the opposite sex, what would you do?
go shopping for new clothing!

10. Have you ever woke up thinking you were somewhere else?
Yes!!! and it was totally weird!

11. Did you ever believe that there was a monster in your closet/under your bed?... Do you still?... Lol
When I was little my sister told me there were big headed black creatures under the bed, and if you let an arm or leg hang over, they would get you.... I still can't let ANYTHING hang over the edge of the bed!!!!

12. Have you ever wondered why girls can wear guy clothes (and be call "tomboy" but guys can't wear girl clothes?


14. Are you one of these people that say "ummm" or "like" in sentences?
ummm, no!

15. Are there any repetitive noises you like to make that drive others crazy?
Not that I know about, and I'm sure someone would tell me!

16. Have you ever recorded you voice, then played it back and was shocked to hear a voice that doesn't sound like yours?

YES! Used to think I could sing.... till I recorded myself and found I sounded like a frog with a cold!!! :(

17. Have you ever looked at pictures of yourself and wondered if you really look like that?

No, I wished I DIDN'T look like that... but it was always me!

18. What's the most daredevil-ish thing you've ever done?

Jumped out of a plane, few a helicopter!

19. How many illegal things have you done and gotten away with?
I wouldn't even ATTEMPT to count them! I'm evil I tell you...EVIL!!!

20. What's your favorite season? Why?

The Fall, love the smell, the weather, the feeling!

21. What is the coolest thing you've ever seen?

As in "good" cool? slept with a movie star

22. When was the last time you swept up under your refrigerator?... Do you think it needs sweeping under there?
I do it at least once a year, to get the cat toys out!!!

23.what is something totally random that gets on your nerves? (besides this quiz)

Repetitive sounds, like crickets or frogs!

24. What are you wearing right now? (it better not be nothing!)
black Capri's and a pink t shirt

25. If you could walk up and slap/smack someone you really couldn't stand, with no adverse reaction, would you do it?

I would do it even if there was an adverse reaction!!! Slap the bitch!

26. Have you ever spied on your neighbors?
Ummmm, watched, checked on, complained, but not spied!

27. What common, everyday sound gets on your nerves?
The tea pot!!! Hate that whishle!!!

28. Have you ever watched a scary movie at home alone in the dark?... Did you get scared?
Are you out of your mind!!!! Scary movies are for during the day time!!!!

29. Out of a scale of 1-10 how scared do you get?
About a 2, I have nerves of steel

30. What is your greatest fear?

31. If you can have any kind of super power, what would it be?... What would you use it for?
Invisibility.... I'd steal... of course, and spy on people! See, EVIL!

32. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? What do you want to be now/what are you now?
I wanted to be a nun, but now I just want to be alone!

33. If you can go back in time to an age/grade, what age/grade would it be? Why?
I would go back to kindergarten, and change things starting there!

34. What's you favorite weird mixture of food (ex. Mac and cheese with ketchup and bacon bits!!.. Yummy!)?
Anchovy's with cream cheese

35. All of a sudden do you feel hungry?
Yes, gonna pick up some

36. Why are you doing this survey?

37. Have you ever flown

38. Did you notice there was no question 13?... Why do you think that is?
Didn't even notice LOL

39. Did you find this survey fun? And should I make another one?
you need a life!

40. I know #37 is quite random just BAM! right outta the clear blue sky but have you ever felt a sudden urge to just let loose and scream/wail loudly?
(it's alright if you have)
Many a time!!!!!!

41.)If you could fly where would you go/for how long?
England, for at least a month!

42.)have you ever been to Disney World in Florida/Disney Land in California?

43.)do you still sleep with stuffed animals if so what age are you?
Yep, a kid, and I had a blanie too!

44.)Have you ever flown?
Stop being funny!

45.)have you ever seen a live Tarantula?

46.)Can you climb a tree?
Yepper, I was a total tom boy!

47.) if so how many have you climbed?

48.)What kind of shoes are you wearing now?
Shoes? it's summer, I do not need stinking shoes!

49.) Whats your favorite Color

The last and FINAL question #50.) have you ever just wanted to puke out of a moving cars window?
Not since I was a teenager!