Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Ugh! Sorry guys!

I know I have been ignoring you guys, but I'm working on costumes for Shore Leave. I've decided to take two different ones.

The star trek costume, and a Steampunk one! But I got problems.

1. the red star trek costume is "form fitting" in other words a smidge to tight for my comfort. I DO NOT LIKE my bulges showing. And there is no way I can get one size up since EVERY SINGLE WEB SITE THAT SELLS THE IS "SOLD OUT"!!!!

So I finally found one on Amazon.com.... it's a "Plus" size, and that means it will be waaaaaayyyyy to BIG!

BUT, it is easier to take in the seams then to add on to the seams. Everyone was saying the 1st one looked fine, but I'm just not into form fitting. I like things a tiny bit loose and comfortable, and that baby was not comfortable!

Steampunk is harder, but easier at the same time. With Star Trek you have to have an "exact" costume.... with steampunk it's "Victorian England as in Jules Vern's day!"

Very Victorian with steam weapons and such.

I had a long black velvet skirt, to this I added an embroidered blouse in rustic green, and a shawl of the same fabric. Then boots, a bustle, and some kind of hat!

So far I've got the blouse and skirt. I'm making fingerless lace gloves, then I have to figure out HOW THE FUCK TO MAKE A BUSTLE!!!

I bought a bunch of black satin fabric, and I'm sure I'll figure it out, even if I just wrap it around me and end it in a huge bow!

I'm not going "upper class" victorian, but more "working class" cause, no one, no where is getting me to wear something tight around my neck!!!! Total phobia about that!!!

I also got some extra black lace, stiff, to make a hat of some kind, I have lots of feathers to attach to it, and even a small Vail.

So please excuse me for a while. Shore Leave is only 30 days away!!!!! MUST WORK HARDER!!!! GIGGLE


Dreaming of Jeanie said...

Hooray for costumes! They're so much fun. I forgive you. ;)