Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another thing is.....

My counter tops! Tired old, boring, and not much more can be said for them.

I've been reading up on "painting" your counter tops!

This would be very easy because.... this is it folks.... My whole counter top, except for a tiny spot next to the stove, and one tiny spot next to the Fridge.....I have a tiny kitchen..... works for me since I DON'T COOK!

I could buy a new counter top, but that entails getting a plumber to remove, and re hook up the sink.... and sometimes it's just not worth it.

The only problem I have is the weird edge. Do I fill it in with putty before painting, do I just remove it or do I paint the whole thing..... or just the strip of white between the two pieces of wood????

I'm not sure what to do. But I'm thinking if I re-do the counter top, then maybe the cabinets would look better.... and I won't have to paint them!



Anonymous said...

Ok...this might be crazy or awesome, depending on how you look at it lol. I have been obsessed with chalkboard paint lately, and if I didn't have tile countertops(not recommended lol), I would totally paint them with chalkboard paint. Think of the possibilities: writing down memos anywhere, recipes, pictures, quotes, etc. I'm getting all giddy just thinking about it lol.

Plus, it would give you a black continuous countertop, which would look really nice with the stain on your cabinets.

Judith said...

Hummmmm, I'm liking that idea! Any other ideas?