Friday, July 01, 2011

Fishy, star trek, and food allergys

For some reason my gold fish have decided to "spring clean" their tank!

I don't know why, but they are busy moving rocks and toys around. All I hear all day is... tink, tink, tink... as the stones are moved around the tank!

They keep trying to move the snail too!!!!! I had no idea snails could look soooooo scared!!!!

The convention is only a week away!!!! I leave Friday morning of MD, and three days of fun, drinking, debauchery, and other things! (now, I have said repeatably, that I do not sleep around at shore leave, but then you all know I lie like a dog!)

My costumes are ready (and I'm bringing them, if I wear them will be another story!), my suitcase is too....

now all I need is my food. Because of my food allergy's I'm bringing my own stuff, rather then eat there and be constantly high on benadrylle!!!!

I'm bringing 2 kinds of cheese. Those baby bells, and the little wedges

Sweet potato chips

4 roast beef subs.... I chuck the bread, but have them make it on the bread anyway cause it's easy to carry it that way


fresh fruit

coffee bags, cause they never give you enough coffee with your room coffee maker!

And milk for my coffee, hate that powdered stuff, and this year I asked for a fridge in my room, so I can keep it all cold!

I will eat breakfast at the hotel, they have tons of sausage and bacon, yogurt and coffee... so I'm good.

And I have tons of money to spend in the dealers room. Believe it or not... I do a lot of my Christmas shopping while there!

They don't just sell star trek stuff.... lots of witchy supplies, stuffed animals, and tons of silver jewelry... plus other stuff!

I should have fun!!!!!


The Traveler said...

I think I know how you feel, lol. I don't get to go to comic con this year and I'm going to go hide that weekend.