Sunday, July 03, 2011

N.J. can be interesting!

These are all pictures from our local newspapers!!!!!

First we had the arrival of millions and millions of what we thought were tiny Jelly fish, but instead they were some kind of weird plankton that just LOOKED like tiny Jelly fish!!!!

People commented that it was like swimming in Tapioca!!!! Yick!!!

Then we had major shark sitings!!!! Not a good thing at the beginning of the summer for the Jersey shore!

Then we has a baboon running around our town! WTF! Seems it escaped from Great Adventure park.... a Baboon????

Now whales , right off the beach....WHALES!!!!! That's a new one on the Jersey shore, sure we've had them way off far in the ocean, but never this close to land!!!!

And to top it all off, the government moved this nice new plane down to our local military base by us. So interspersed with the bombing we hear constantly from the Earls weapons training base, we get sonic booms!!!

This may be a good summer to hide in the back yard, of course you may have to fend off an attacking baboon, but it's better then swimming with sharks? Right?

Even so, I still LOVE NEW JERSEY!!!


Anonymous said...

I still do too, which is why I moved back after leaving. Jersey has an awesome vibe to it.